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How to settle an insurance claim outside of court

Settling an insurance claim is definitely not one of the easiest and least stressful things that you can do. Just the mere thought of an outstanding claim can bring worry and stress upon people. There are ways in which you can settle your claim outside of court, which is a much less worrisome and stressful alternative for many.

The process for settling an insurance claim has many steps. A few phone calls and letters to the insurance agent can often expedite your case to settlement. The person who is liable for the damages, whether it be you or another party, is responsible for compensation. This is often where insurance companies begin the claim process that puts many people into a spin. Insurance companies, while many believe are not looking at the best interest of the claimant, often are trying to settle quickly. A court case, provided you win against the insurance company, can cost the company thousands of dollars depending on the case and the extent of time that it takes. Insurance companies would much rather settle outside of court and save themselves these fees.

One method of settling outside of court involves mediation. Mediation can be used as an alternative to court or throughout the litigation process. In many areas, most insurance claim cases are now being settled through mediation. This not only saves the insurance company court fees, but it saves the claimant time and money as well. The process of mediation typically includes an attorney or a retired judge. Mediation typically takes from a couple of hours to a couple of days, depending on the case itself.

Another alternative to court proceedings is agreeing on an advisory panel. This can help both sides equally. The panel will listen to the case and make certain recommendations on how the claimant and the insurance company can come to a settlement.

The best way to avoid court proceedings is to stay in constant contact with the insurance company. If the company is not willing to work with you on a settlement, court may be your only chance of receiving compensation. Today however, many insurance companies try to avoid being taken to court. They would much rather come to an agreement that will benefit both sides.

Be sure that you are not settling for less than you should. It may even be a good idea to speak with an attorney who specializes in insurance claims just to be certain that the insurance company is treating you fairly. You can also hire an attorney to represent you against the insurance company, even if the case never goes to court.

The thing that you want to keep in mind is that the insurance company does not want negative publicity. This is why many are more than willing to settle a claim before it turns into a lawsuit. Speak with the representative from the insurance company, give him or her your case and ensure them that you would rather settle your claim privately, without the help of a judge and jury.
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